How It Works


Students learn ACT & SAT vocabulary and college and career prep skills, using the following process:


Students log in to CCR's interactive video paths and video quiz content using the "Student Log In!" button and their credentials.

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ACT & SAT vocabulary is introduced and defined in weekly interactive videos.

College and Career prep standards-based content is shared while culturally and conversationally integrating vocabulary 

Students gain new vocabulary skills via R.A.P to help students Reach Academic Progress. 

Students demonstrate their understanding of vocabulary and college and career content by taking interactive video quizzes 


 School & Program Sites  implement CCRTV On-Demand Video programming using the following steps:


Site leaders select yearly users and provide student  information for logins 

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Site leaders select the teacher who will facilitate the in-class video content

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CCR creates personalized user accounts and provides access to training videos

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Administrators, teachers and students watch virtual training videos

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Students take Pre College and Career    R-E-D Assessment

(Multiyear Programs Only)

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Assigned teacher incorporates R-E-D videos into weekly learning schedule

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CCR provides login credentials and teachers assist students with simple login issues

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CCR provides administrators and teachers with R-E-D Assessment Results

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Weekly video released and downloadable reports available post completion 


Students take Post College and Career    R-E-D Assessment

(Multiyear Programs Only)

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