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Our vision is to see all students
Ready, Empowered, and Determined for
college, career, and life success

About College and Career R-E-D

Why We Exist


We help 6-12th grade students navigate intimidating systems within the career exploration and college application process. 

What We Do

We provide schools and youth programs with college and career preparation workshops, workbooks, and standards-based college and career video curriculum on our digital learning management platform.

Why Students Love Us

We translate college and career knowledge into engaging learning experiences using interactive quizzing, storytelling, and engaging lesson activities for especially academically challenged students. 

95% of current CCR curriculum students reported that they want the CCR curriculum to follow them in their next grade level.

Why Teachers Love Us

Teachers see an instant boost in class motivation and attentiveness during instruction after students complete CCR video lessons as bell-ringers and warm-up activities. In our most recent study 90% of middle and high school students reported feeling motivated to learn, engaged, and interested after completing CCR video quizzes. 

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Our secret sauce is the
R-E-D™ Formula for Student Success 

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We're here to help.

And we'd love to connect with you!


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