An Engaging Online College and Career Preparation Program that Helps Students Get Ready, Empowered, and Determined for college, career, and life!


About Us

College and Career Readiness alone doesn’t build resilience,

in a Post Covid-19 world, students will need READINESS, EMPOWERMENT, and DETERMINATION to overcome obstacles on the path to high school graduation and their college and career dreams...

Travis Pinckney, M.Ed.~ CEO & FOUNDER

COLLEGE AND CAREER R-E-D™ (CCR) is a college and career preparation program that provides culturally relevant interactive videos, online group seminars, and online individual sessions for high school students across the United States. CCR provides services for ALL students but especially bottom-quartile and academic bubble students in low-performing high schools. Our vision is to end generational poverty by helping students become Ready, Empowered, and Determined to graduate on-time from high school, attend a college or post-secondary institution, attain an essential career, and ultimately become economically independent.

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What We Teach

College and Career Prep Skills

We help students master the college application process, pursue their chosen career paths, and learn the school success strategies needed to graduate on-timeOur Immersive On-Demand Videos and Online live sessions are aligned to the ASCA K-12  standards for student success

ACT and  SAT  Vocabulary

We help students remain motivated to Reach Academic Progress

in reading, language arts, and

college entrance exams

by teaching and rapping 

ACT & SAT vocabulary words and applying knowledge through interactive quizzes.


 Academic Tenacity and Grit

Students learn that they are capable of increasing academic achievement, no matter where they are on their educational path. Students are equipped with strategies to excel as students in and out of the classroom through empowerment from our     CCR coaches. 


View Our Interactive Video Features

CCRTV helps students "lean in" to their learning instead of leaning back inactively.

Interactive ACT & SAT Vocabulary Test Prep Video Quizzes

Engaging College and Career Prep Videos

What We Measure

Readiness (Skills and Information)

  • High School Graduation Data: CCR students achieved a 100% graduation rate for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • College Acceptance Data: CCR students demonstrated a 93% college acceptance rate compared to a demographically identical control group in the same school at 59%.

  • State Test Proficiency: 10th graders at a CCR supported school had the largest increase in state standardized testing proficiency within their school district during 2018-2019. CCR students exceeded their 10th-grade peers by 10 percentage points.

  • Grade Point Averages: CCR's lowest-performing students' average GPA is 2.6 compared to a similar control group who averaged at a 2.3 GPA

Empowerment (Social, Emotional Support and Affirmation)

  • Social-Emotional Support: 5% more CCR students reported not feeling alone on their path to graduation

Determination ( Growth Mindset, Attitude and Dedication)

  • Attendance Data: CCR students were absent an average of 9.5% total days compared to the collective student body who were absent for 12.5% total days out of the school year. An identical demographic group of students in the same school who did not receive CCR assistance was absent on average 13.2% of total days compared to their CCR peers. This data represents the 2018-2019 school year.

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